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Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Better When It Is Sick

One thing you need to have in mind as a dog owner is that, there is bound to be a time that your dog will fall sick. There are a lot of factors that determine if your dog will remain healthy or fall sick. If you vaccinate your dog regularly and feed it the chance of it falling sick will be very slim. But when they eventually fall sick, there are certain things you can do to make them feel better.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some things you can do when your dog is sick to make them feel better.

The first thing you should do when you observe that your dog is sick is to take it to your local vet. Your vet will be able to administer the treatment your dog needs in order to recover. It is going to take some time before your dog recovers fully.

  1. Rest

One of the most important things that your dog needs while it is ill is rest. What you should do here is to make sure that the spot where your dog sleeps is warm and cozy. You can put a pillow or two and a blanket. Of course, you have to ensure that your dog is cool with the spot that you have chosen for it.


  1. Hydration

This is something that you should never ignore. Ensure that your dog is hydrated when it is sick. Keep a bowl of clean water close to them. But you must ensure that you don’t give your dog too much water because it might make their health condition worse.

  1. Snacking

Many dog owners have the notion that, when they feed their dog when it is sick it is going to get better. But reports from vet and animal specialist have proved otherwise. When your dog is ill it needs time to rest not to eat. Resting, in fact, is the major thing your dog needs. If you give it a lot of snacks when it is ill, you might end up making things worse. Of course, it is not going to be easy, but you have to hold yourself back from snacking your dog when it is ill.

  1. Take it out for a walk

Even if your dog is sick, you should still take it for a walk. You see when you walking your dog make them feel better.

If you apply the tips in this article, you can be confident that your dog will recover sooner than you think.

Cats are not Dogs (Just in case you didn’t realise!)

Obviously, cats are not dogs; it is common knowledge and you’d have to be blind or deaf not to know that. Whilst they are both cute and adorable animals and the tops two pets, there are significant differences. Despite their differences, they are both cute and adorable with their tails and make good pets and companions. Your choice would be based on your preferences; whether you prefer a bark or whether you prefer a soft meow.

You Don’t Need to Walk Cats

Unlike dogs, you do not need to take your cat for a walk. In fact, a cat can sleep all day and only get up for sustenance and use their litter boxes. They get their exercise from stretching, playing and well licking themselves. If you have ever seen a cat clean itself, it can take from as little as five minutes to almost an hour or more to do it. Once they do it, they will either come for a cuddle or look for a comfortable position to sleep again.

Hence, Cat’s Don’t Require Leashes

Cats are not a danger to anyone (unless they are wild and get close enough to scratch you) and since you don’t need to walk them you don’t necessarily need a leash. Try walking a cat and you would realize it’s one of the most torturous tasks you may attempt in your life especially when they try to run away or they actually succeed at running away. This could be a pain because you don’t know if they’re going to find their way back home and if they do you would wonder if you’ll be welcoming a litter in a few weeks.

You Don’t Necessarily Have to Bathe Cats

Cats don’t need baths. They hate water but there are some owners who give them a bath once in a while especially if they smell, got wounded or have fleas. Cats are generally clean animals and they groom themselves. In fact, if a cat ever licks you, their tongues are not smooth but bristle-like so it tickles.

Their tongues are like brushes so when they lick their fur, they are actually brushing it and getting rid of all dirt and grime. Cats shed a lot as well during this exercise and may even cough up fur balls so whilst you may not have to bathe them regularly, you do need to clean your home regularly or you may be in danger of having cat fur on everything you own

Cats Make Toys out of and are Fascinated by Everything

Cats are easily fascinated. Put a piece of twine in front of them and they become the most playful creatures. There is no need to even get them a toy. If you get them a collar with a bell you’d quickly see them rolling around on the ground trying to get to the bell. The simplest things fascinate them and make them easy to please. Even if your cat seems aloof, just get them an empty bottle and prepare to be entertained.

General Pet Care Tips For New Pet Owners

Do you have a new pet? Then this article is just for you. It could be the most popular of two pets; a dog or cat or even something not traditional like a snake or toad. Generally, these pets all require the same things. The needs of domestic animals may differ more from those of wilder animals but regardless of what type of animal they are, their owners should be dedicated and love them. Cruelty to animals should be tolerated or accepted.

Food and Water

Every owner must remember to feed their pets and remember their special diets. They are not humans so don’t try to fatten them up with desserts like chocolate cake or feed them fruit. Some pet owners actually don’t know that they should not feed their pets raw meats or even chocolate but still, they do it. So before you get them ask the shelter or pet store what you should include in your pet’s diet and what you should feed them. Unless your pet is a fish, remember to keep them hydrated and a little research goes a long way.

Clean Litter Boxes and Cages

Everyone has heard that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. What you want for yourself, you should also want for your pets. Body waste is as the name implies, is a waste so pets should not be subjected to lying in their waste until you feel like cleaning. Some pet wastes are poisonous and toxic. It is recommended that you have multiple litter boxes if not; you should clean it at least once per day. Aquariums can be cleaned every two weeks and if they don’t have filters every three days. As for cages, the maximum time should be every week but it again depends on the pet or how many animals are kept in the cage. Use discretion and your sense of smell to ascertain.

Visits to the Vet

Just like you would need to go to the doctor and get your check ups and shots, your pet needs the same treatment to ensure they live long healthy lives. Generally, twice a year should be good for them to rule out any illnesses. You may decide that you don’t want to be a grandparent and this may require a trip to the vet especially if the animals are paired up and male and guinea pigs or they have the tendency to roam like dogs and cats.

Love, Devotion, and Dedication

Pets are long term commitments so if you are not going to commit to your pet, then do not get one. Your pet essentially depends on you to provide all their needs. If you can’t commit to feeding them, cleaning their cages and litter or taking them to the vets, then you do not deserve to have them as your pet. If you are going on a trip you need to make arrangements to have them cared for and if they require exercise you need to ensure that it gets done.

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